CompostNow- The Easiest Way To Compost CompostNow - The Easiest Way To Compost

Restaurant Compost Service

The easiest way to compost.

CompostNow makes composting restaurant & café waste easy, clean, and inspiring for your entire team. We’re your one stop shop for composting services and compostable single-use tableware.

Service Highlights:

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"We at Relish couldn't be more pleased with our experience with CompostNow! I was originally afraid that my kitchen staff would mutiny with one more chore to squeeze in but it has been no extra burden at all-we all love the way the clean fresh black buckets just show up at our back door and the full ones are whisked away. The prices are amazingly low, the process is crazy easy, and the customer service is more than we could ask for. Thanks for helping us take better care of our planet!"

-Sharon May, Relish Café & Bar