CompostNow- The Easiest Way To Compost CompostNow - The Easiest Way To Compost

Office Compost Service

The easiest way to compost.

CompostNow makes reducing office waste easy, clean, and inspiring for your entire team. From the stainless steel bin we provide and maintain to the impact report you receive at the end of each month, our unique full-service, waste-to-compost program makes office composting easy.

Service Highlights:

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"Connecting Stewart’s company vision of discovering strong & creative solutions with being socially responsible & supportive of our local communities, we recognized CompostNow as an ideal medium.

The adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” more than aptly describes the relationship between CompostNow’s sustainable services and local garden partners & community farmers.

With an inspiring staff of remarkable people, our relationship with CompostNow has been enjoyable and rewarding. They’ve given us all the necessary resources to create a successful & valuable composting program!"