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We've been building a business to solve the problem of lost nutrients in our soils. Along this journey, we've discovered that composting creates more jobs, fights climate change, and builds a more vibrant, resilient local food system.

The nutrients found in food scraps are precious and must be returned to the soil. We call this nutrient-cycling. It's sophisticated, it's beautiful, it's easy, and it's incredibly impactful.

Food Waste

42,422,156 lbs. of compostables diverted from the landfill by our members since 2011.

  • House
    60% of your waste
    stream is
  • Gas mask
    Our members
    have avoided 4MILLION
    of methane
    emissions by
  • Car with exhaust 11K
    The equivalent
    of taking 11 thousand
    cars off the
    road for
    a year.
  • Landscape
    Composting saves 35% of usable land
    taken up by
Estimated information based on statistical data.

Building Healthy Soil

13,999,311 lbs. of nutrient-rich compost created from our members' food scraps since 2011.

  • Growing plant
    Enough finished
    compost to
    grow over 7MILLION
  • Produce box
    $92K in compost cost savings for our garden partners.
  • Wheelbarrow with soil
    compost created
    for community
    gardens and
    urban farms.
  • Herbicide container
    Using compost
    reduces or
    replaces the
Estimated information based on statistical data.
Nutrient Cycling

Nutrient-cycling is a beautiful, natural process that returns nutrients back into the soil from which they came. It's simple! Healthy, nutritious food is grown from healthy, nutrient-rich soil. When food scraps are sent to landfills, those precious nutrients are wasted, starving our soils from the necessary organic material needed to be productive and healthy.

By composting, community members and businesses close the nutrient loop by returning those nutrients back into the soil to grow more healthy food!