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Our weekly doorstep collection service empowers those without the space, time or desire to manage their own composting system to still compost at home! It’s easy. You put your compostables in the bin, and we’ll do the rest! You’ll be able to earn compost back or choose a local community garden to share your compost with.

To this day I'm still amazed how little goes out in the garbage every week because of my composting.

When I think of how much healthy soil would be created if everyone in my neighborhood used CN, it blows my mind.

Kittie D.
Cary, NC
Member since 2012

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  • Landfill
    42 million lbs. diverted from the landfill thanks to
    the effort of our members
    since 2011
  • Cars
    The effort of our members
    have avoided enough
    carbon emissions to take 11 thousand cars off the road for a year
  • Soil created
    CompostNow members
    have created 14 million lbs. of nutrient-rich compost
  • Methane gas
    4 million lbs. of greenhouse gases have been avoided by the composting efforts of our awesome members!
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Garden Partner Program

Our mission is to reduce food waste and build healthy soil in the community. That’s why we partner with dozens of local community gardens and urban farms to connect them with compost needed to grow healthy food in the community. Our Garden Partner Program allows our members and businesses to share their earned compost with a Garden Partner of their choice!

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