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  1. You sign up. You get your bin.
  2. Collect your food scraps.
  3. We pick it up once a week.
  4. We turn it into soil for you!

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Help us help you.This is our time to create something together. By working with us to reduce landfill waste and your own food related waste, we can then build healthy soil for gardens and urban farms that truly need it. Signing up is a simple step in a huge direction that shows the world that it is what we make of it. Join the revolution!

Know your neighbors.Whether it's community garden parties and potlucks, or an urban farm birthday party, we organize events for us to eat, laugh, and engage. There's so much work to be done, and we want to meet you in the field so we know what's important to you in waste reduction and local food independency. There's always plenty of kale!

Save our soil! Compost improves the entire soil structure, allowing the old and the new to hold more water and retain those powerful nutrients which are the magic for happy and healthy produce. Sign up today to help us grow healthy soil!