CompostNow- The Easiest Way To Compost CompostNow - The Easiest Way To Compost

What's so great about composting?

For starters, there really is nothing better for soil than compost. It not only loosens clay soils, but it helps sandy soils retain water. And best of all, it contains no petroleum-based compounds, as many commercial fertilizers do. It also suppresses plant diseases and pests. Gardens that use compost produce much higher yields of healthy fruits, vegetables and flowers. Even in the city!

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Plus, landfills across the United States are running out of space. In fact, according to a recent NRDC report, American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy.1 Our members tell us they are now composting over half their "waste". So if you're not composting yet, it's definitely time to start.

Lots of household items can be composted, even some surprising ones. See the full list of compostable items accepted by CompostNow.

What if composting it too big a project for you? Our cities are getting more progressive every day, and it's more than likely that yours has a compost pickup service. You can check to see if we are in your area. If we are not, let us know you want CompostNow in your city.



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1: NRDC Issue Paper, August 2012, IP:12-06-B