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Why We Love Jubala Coffee

Posted by Nick 4 years, 11 months ago

February 12th, 2017. It’s 9:25 am and already 65 degrees. Shorts and t-shirt have prematurely reappeared. It’s a beautiful morning in Raleigh, NC to be driving to Jubala Coffee. The objective of this trip? To enjoy one of their highly addictive sweet biscuits with maple bacon, cheddar cheese, & an over-medium egg with a hot cup of Counter Culture coffee. To make things even sweeter, Jubala composts their extra food waste through CompostNow.

As I enter through the door a bolt of energy runs through my body before I even have my first sip of coffee. The baristas are busy behind the counter making lattes and pour over coffees amongst music and conversation buzzing throughout the store. I walk right up to the counter and confidently order what I always order when I show up. The bacon, egg, and cheese on a sweet biscuit with a cup of drip coffee.

I find an open seat and sit down to anxiously await for my food to arrive. As I do a familiar face walks by. “The CompostNow guy? Nice seeing you again!”. She was from LuLu Press, a business in RTP that kicks off their office composting program with us this week, where I stopped by to explain our service and answer any questions for their team.

As she walks away I see it coming. The moment I’ve been waiting for since I woke up. Immediately, I pick it up and take a big bite. Yummmmm. The yolk of the egg starts running off my fingers and onto the plate. I don’t put down the biscuit until it is gone. My coffee still all there.

We’re lucky in The Triangle to be surrounded by an incredible food scene. Even better, a growing number of these restaurants and cafes are stepping up and footing the extra expense to ensure they are responsible about their food waste. I’d encourage you all to ask your favorite restaurants and cafes how they are reducing their environmental footprint. It could be through composting or donating their extra food to shelters or reducing plastics by purchasing compostable serviceware, or all of the above! You should be proud to support these businesses.  

If you’re a restaurant or cafe owner and would like to learn more about our composting service please email us at

If you want to compost at home you can get started with a two-week free trial!

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