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The Only Household Cleaner You Need (And It's Compostable!)

Posted by Kat 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The Only Household Cleaner You Need (And It's Compostable!) 
By: Blair Michal 

Spring has sprung and that means deep cleaning (and bug season) is right around the corner. Instead of filling your cabinets, countertops, homes, and yards with a variety of harsh chemicals, you can make most of your home cleaning solutions with 3 cheap, compostable ingredients. That’s right: an all-purpose spray that doubles as an ant killer! One bottle on your sink can be used as hand AND dish soap. It can also be used for plant pest control, body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, and more! 

Castile soap is a plant-based soap, made from vegetable and plant oils, that is safe for vegan households. A popular option is Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. It usually costs around $15, has various essential oil scents to choose from, can make a seemingly endless supply of solutions, and can be used for almost every household application. 

If you aren’t already composting your paper towels, feel free to toss the paper towels with castile soap cleaner in your CompostNow bin as they do not contain harsh chemicals. Take your sustainability and DIY spirit up a notch by cutting up old towels, t-shirts, or rags and putting them in a basket on the counter. Use in place of a paper towel, and toss in the wash as you go or once you run out. 

Below are two easy castile cleaning solution recipes that you can make at home, but we encourage you to explore the multitude of sustainable ways you can use castile soap. For both recipes (below), gently shake the bottle before using. For the ant spray, you can spray the ants directly, wipe them up, and toss the paper towel in your compost bin. You can also spray the backs of your counters, doorways, cabinet cracks, or the nest directly and leave it there to prevent any more additional ants. Some suggested recipes: 

Compostable All-purpose Spray & Ant Killer

Dish Soap & Hand Soap

Additional Notes:
*Castile soap should not be mixed with acids like vinegar or citrus as they negate each other. 
*Hard water can cause castile cleaning solutions to leave a soap scum. It will still clean the surfaces; it just may leave a residue. 
*Make sure the essential oils you choose are non-toxic for animals if you have pets in the home. 

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