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Avid Composters Also CompostNow

Posted by Joe 8 years, 8 months ago

Why I signed up for CompostNow, even though I am an avid home composter.

by Natalie Ross

I hate sending stuff to the landfill. When I’m cooking I put my vegetable scraps into a bowl. At the end of the day all the vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, and tea leaves will get dumped in my backyard compost pile. Meat and bones, however, are more difficult to compost, so I used to throw them away. I hated to see meat and bones in the garbage can, landfill-bound. Besides being sad about the nutrients that were being robbed of their ancient journeys through soils, plants, and animals, I was sad about having food wastes stinking it up in my kitchen garbage pail. I was also sad to be contributing to methane production in landfills, so I signed up for CompostNow.

This is why, even as an avid home-composter, I subscribe to a company that will compost for me.

I’m also thrilled to be able to cash in on my finished compost earnings. Since the finished compost is coming from a different place and made out of a different assortment of inputs, it will have a different population of soil microorganisms. Those beneficial soil microbes are my partners in gardening, and I’m excited to have more microbes and a greater diversity of microbes in my soil. To learn more about how nutrients cycle through soil, plants, and animals, visit these sites:

For a quick description of nutrient cycling:

A quick glimpse at the soil food web:

For an in-depth look at soil biology:

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