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We are very excited to bring the efforts of our members full circle by helping them share compost with local community gardens and urban farms, keeping this natural resource circulating in our community (we call it nutrient cycling). We hope to see every household and business composting and diverting their food scraps from landfills and into compost for gardens and farms.

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Soil slingers, route wranglers, & dirt Dorks... Oh my

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Working at CompostNow is a unique opportunity to join a team of people who care about what they do, each other, and deriving meaning from their labor. We are creative, dedicated and committed to getting the job done (right). We continually seek the best technology and systems to insure our team is supported with the very best tools and equipment. We are setting out to create the world in which we want to live. Come change your world with us, there is a lot of room to grow.

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