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About Us

Who We Are

Collectively, we are a bunch of Dirt Dorks, Route Wranglers, and Soil Singers. But individually, we are farmers, artists, technologists, social workers, musicians, poets, community activists, mothers and fathers working together to reimagine food waste management and rebuild our depleted soils.


Our vision is to close the loop on food waste by empowering community members and local businesses to divert their compostables from the landfill and, instead, use those nutrients to build nutrient-rich soil. Closing the loop on food waste is imperative in building healthy soil, creating resilient, local food systems,and fighting climate change.

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Partners in Composting

We have some of the best compost processing partners out there. Helping us close the loop on your food scraps by turning them into nutrient rich compost. These partners provide a critical step in the model of returning nutrients back to gardens and farms. Composting is a magical process and we encourage you to learn more about our partners who keep it turning.

Brooks Contractor Danny's Dumpster Bee's Ferry Compost Facility Athens-Clarke County Commercial Composting Facility GoZERO

Learn more about our partners in composting.


Our investors represent an immense amount of knowledge, industry experience, and diverse perspectives that have contributed to their astounding track records in building and growing successful businesses.They share our values of building a long term, wildly impactful, company, and we couldn’t be more proud to have their contribution.

  • Vince Hundt Co-founder, Rotochopper
  • Jeff Lawrence M.D.
  • Angie Lawrence  
  • Aaron Patzer Founder,
  • Scott Satterwhite Impact Investor